Seastar's temporary buffer

In this post we’ll take a look at Seastar’s temporary_buffer utility for efficiently managing contiguous regions of memory. Many Seastar interfaces pass around data using this utility, and applications often use the temporary_buffer as a building block for higher level memory management abstractions.

Seastar's deleter utility

In this post we are going to discuss a Seastar utility called seastar::deleter that is used for managing the lifetime of data. In many ways a deleter can be thought of as a unified approach to RAII for both raw memory pointers and objects, but it also adds other goodies like reference counting and deleter chaining.

Smart pointers in Seastar

Seastar contains a lot of custom utilities designed to work in the context of Seastar applications. In this post we’ll take a look at the shared pointer utility provided by Seastar, and see how it offers a performance advantage by avoiding atomic operations.

Video of my Cephalocon 2019 Talk

Cephalocon 2019 was held in Barcelona right before KubeCon. Barcelona and the convention center there are really great for holding conferences. The talk focused on building RADOS object classes with C++ and Lua, and prompted some really interesting questions and follow-up conversations.

Video of my Cephalocon 2018 Talk

Cephalocon 2018 was held in Beijing. We flew over from California and returned three days later. That was some brutal travel, but the event was great. The talk focused on building a distributed log on top of Ceph which was part of my graduate school research.

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